Friday, April 17, 2009


A mild breeze is all it needs
To sway me
Spineless, you may call me
Helpless, I am

How I wish to stand straight
All the time, without stooping
I envy my brothers
Albeit creepers, they are

If I rebel, I am broke
It’s wise to dance
To the tunes of the times
Existence, only matters

Raise my head in dignity
Hold it out during storms
Be upright and righteous
I exist no more

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Spring is here
Spring in her steps
Lovely flowers
Chirpy birds

Enjoy it, before
Summer takes over
And wither the greens
With scorching heat

Summer offers
Juicy melons, mangoes
Summer dreams
Full of rains

Monsoon madness
Wet soil
Budding saplings
Flooded roads

Winter, without chill
No shivering nights
No nippy mornings
Just a name, winter

Monday, April 13, 2009

All for me

Fear choked me hard
Darkness closed in all around
Gingerly, I stepped into the mud
Next step could be the end

Moving ahead was not an option
It was a compulsion
Struggling, I moved on
With least hope and vision

Did I see a movement?
A flicker of light?
My heart skipped a beat
But hope jumped a bit

He stood there with open arms
Warm smile on his lips
Naughty twinkle in his eyes
All for me to kiss.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Longing to walk barefoot
To crunch the gravel under my feet
To feel the jab of twigs and thorns
And curse them for jabbing

Dreaming of the narrow pathways
Full of stones, dust and leaves
Filled with slush when it rains
And to swear when my skirt is soiled

Thinking of nibbling nameless fruits
Of licking tamarinds
Or munching mangoes with salt
And to curse when the teeth tickles

Looking down from my balcony
I see the endless traffic
Slogging people and dull buildings
And I crash land to reality

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I never listen to seminars!
I attend seminars, though
Collect the papers and stationery
Sit and doodle

Well, not exactly
I scribble furiously
Fellow audience looks at me
What’s there to take note?

I fool them
I never took notes
A pastime
To stop falling asleep

Two alphabets
Write all the words
Starting with the first one
Ending with the second

Seminar ends
Enjoy the free food
Go back
Report on an excellent seminar!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here I am

I am a dumb onlooker
Or reader, should I say?
Sweet, serene words smiled at me
Sad, thoughtful words reflected pain
They laughed at me, for I was mute
Not a single word came for my rescue.

Pondering over the words
I realized they will not come to me
They are too proud
So I went after them
I smiled, begged, cajoled
And they came to me.
So here I am…


One who writes worse and versatile verses ...

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