Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will you follow us?

It came as if it’s meant for them, thecouple
A challenge for couples
Who can drive, write, and click
They grabbed it at once

So thought a thousand more couples!
Thecouple was confident in their profile
Their friends voted and offered support too
And they made it to the top hundred

When the jury edited out eighty-eight couples
Thecouple was not one among them
They came in the unedited twelve
And they are now pre-finalists

Now thecouple need cheers and support
Of friends and well-wishers
As they match their skills with the other eleven
To become the top three, and then the winner!

Do support us by becoming our follower for the Mitsubishi Cedia Great Driving Challenge. Check out our blog - Drop in there often and post your valuable comments. You can follow only one couple as there’s prize for the followers of the three finalists and the winner.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Miss this moment

Rustling leaves
Murmur of impatience
Breeze left in haste
More leaves to rustle

Amber colour
No slowing down
Move fast and quick
More miles to cover

Push and shove
Jump the queue
Reach the temple first
More demands to make

Mad rush every day
Who gains and what?
Miss this moment, and
Crave for the future ones


One who writes worse and versatile verses ...

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